Day Trip in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Discover the beauty of Cantwell Cliffs Hocking Hills when you stay at Valley View Cabins. Located only 20 minutes from our property, Cantwell Cliffs makes a great day trip for exploring the beauty of Hocking Hills. As one of the more remote and rugged areas inside Hocking Hills State Park, Cantwell Cliffs is the perfect outing without the crowds. Hike the two-mile loop trail, that is one-way in and one-way out to see the high cliff that overhangs Buck Run, where a waterfall flows over part of the cliff.

This is a more strenuous hike, taking up to an hour and a half. There are tight squeezes you need to pass through to get to the cliffs. One such narrow passageway is called the “fat woman’s squeeze.” Ensure you are well-equipped for the hike with plenty of water and appropriate clothing. before heading out. Most can make it through the passageway, so don’t worry!

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