Hocking Hills, Ohio Hike

Explore a more remote part of Hocking Hills State Park with a hike to Cedar Falls in Ohio. Misnamed by early settlers who mistakenly identified the hemlocks in the area for cedars, Cedar Falls is the area’s most consistent and awe-inspiring waterfall.

Surrounded by stately hemlocks and massive rock formations, Cedar Falls is the centerpiece to this beautiful destination. Step back and admire as Queer Creek plunges 50 feet over a jagged cliff face and into a large pool of water. The trail is about ½ mile long with convenient steps, bridges, and pathways to guide you along the way.

Cedar Falls is part of the six-mile section of the Buckeye Trail that also leads you to Old Man’s Cave (insert link to Old Man’s Cave here) and Ashe Cave. Access the falls from either the Gorge Overlook Trail or the Grandma Gatewood Trail. Make a day of it and hike to the nearby Hidden Falls, a smaller but no less spectacular 12-foot waterfall and enjoy your lunch to-go at the picnic area located nearby.