Hocking Hills, OH Activities

For those looking for an action-packed adventure in Hocking Hills, mountain biking is the perfect activity!

There are two main areas near Hocking Hills that offer the best mountain biking trails – Lake Hope State Park and Tar Hollow State Park.

Lake Hope State Park

Roughly 45 minutes from Valley View Cabins, Lake Hope State Park offers six miles of trails within the park boundaries and 33 miles of trails within the State Forest. The eight different trails range from beginner to intermediate, making this a great place to begin your mountain bike adventures.

Tar Hollow State Park

Just under an hour’s drive from Valley View Cabins brings you to Tar Hollow State Park. Once known for its pine tar used by early settlers, Tar Hollow State Park is now a destination for outdoor recreation such as mountain biking. Choose from easy 3-mile trails to the longer Logan Backpack loop trail that extends 21 miles.